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We've Moved!

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We’ve Moved!

Moving Tip #28

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If you are reading this that means you are on my old site at Well here is your notice that we’ve moved on over to our own hosting with all sorts of spiffy stuff. For now everything is almost exactly the same, but over time things will be added, changed, updated as I experiment more with the self-hosted software. Come Visit us at our new URL.

If you are reading this through the RSS, you will need to change it to our new feed address.

I look forward to showing you the things to come and wish you and your family a happy holiday!

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Students Help Undo Computer Virus

The Miami Herald

October 4, 2001
Section: Neighbors WE
Edition: Final
Page: 2W


When the Nimda computer virus wormed its way into Coral Reef High and shut down 800 personal computers and five servers, 10 students helped tackle it. Nimda affected businesses, websites and servers across the country, as well as approximately 73 schools in Miami-Dade County, said Daniel Tosado, associate superintendent of information technology for the school system.

Schools were hit to varying degrees, but Coral Reef was one of the most seriously affected, Tosado said. Students worked side by side with technicians until all were fixed Sept. 21, said Coral Reef project manager Jo Stinson. “It takes a lot of work to keep the school’s computers up and running. I used to really take that for granted, but I won’t do that anymore,” said Lesly Duret, one of the students who became a technician. The Coral Reef computer programming senior said the experience helped him learn while providing a service for his school. “I feel like I eased the tension by helping the school clean up the virus,” Lesly said. “These kids would do anything for this school related to technology. They’re just very devoted to helping out,” said Coral Reef Principal Greg Zawyer. The virus attacked school computers early Sept. 19. At noon, the school’s computer specialist, Oscar Morejon, organized a response effort that included teachers and students. English teacher David Menasche, who does not refer to himself as a computer expert, volunteered. “None of us knew how to fix this,” Menasche said. “Oscar sat us down, trained us and sent us out into the school. For me it was more of a learning experience than anything else. After I fixed my 50th computer, I got pretty good at it,” he said. The virus forced them to shut down, clean up and install new virus protection software on each computer, Morejon said. Nimda works by slowing down network and Internet traffic by attaching itself to an unsecured server, Morejon said. The virus spreads rapidly because users can contract it simply by browsing a web page generated by an infected server. Once the virus enters a computer, it searches for an open share directory and goes to that place. It sends itself to everyone in the computer’s address book and takes advantage of loopholes in software. Repairing the machines was not as difficult as it was time-consuming, Morejon said. “It takes two minutes to install the virus protection, but 20 minutes to 11/2 hours to run virus checker on each computer. “Imagine doing that on 800 computers,” Morejon said. “We’re really proud of the work our kids did here and how they helped get us back online. If they hadn’t been here, we would have worked the weekend to get it going,” he said. Some of the students who pitched in were Frank Echanique, Michael Johnson, Edwin Garcia, Jay Angelet, Farell Dottin, Patrick Hodapp, Wayne Barr, Diego Maltonado, Dewin McLean and Mark Machado. All are students in the school’s computer programming class, and they worked with Morejon all day Thursday and Friday installing virus protection software and running virus checkers. Tosado said he anticipates an increase in attacks in the future because networks are growing and dependence on computers is increasing.


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    Cool blog. I just found your site from SFDB. Looking forward to following your RSS.

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  2. March 29, 2009 5:15 pm

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. June 1, 2009 6:05 pm

    That is a FABULOUS banner.

    I’m a Hurricane Andrew evacuee who never moved back after Homestead disappeared. I miss Florida often–and I’m absolutely a Burn Notice fan. Love those settings! Nice blog!

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    Ha! Thanks for the comment. Great titles you have! :)

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    Ha! Funny name for your blog. I just went to a really cool car show and was looking around on WordPress for other posts about cars when I ran across yours. Cool site! Thanks!

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